Coffee and Bagels Cafe on Arthur Porter Drive

Breathing new life into old shipping containers, Bagels Baby is the new cool kid on the block at Arthur Porter Drive.




Cancer Society Lions Lodge

One of louise feathers planning’s favourites is the old Braemar Hospital redevelopment to accommodate the new Lions Lodge for Cancer patients. We worked as part of a fabulous team to obtain resource consent for the redevelopment. Constructed and in operation.


Chim Choo Ree

Resource consent has been recently obtained for Chim Choo Ree to move their magical restaurant to a well known heritage building at the southern end of Victoria Street. Consent was issued non-notified, without neighbour’s approvals and under delegated authority.


The Riverbanks - Mezz Box

Inner-city regeneration projects  are important  to Louise Feathers Planning, and the Riverbanks project is a great example.  Not only is the Mezz Box an award winning piece of architecture and design, it is a standout example of revitalisation of the inner city.


Stark Properties - Riverbank Lane

An ongoing ‘pet’ project of Louise Feathers Planning, being our office home. Resource consent was obtained for works on what was originally the Riverbank Mall for office and retail re-use, improvements to urban design and streetscape and architectural detail. All of this with a modern industrial design layout with more yet to come.

Old MacDonalds Rural Education and Care Centre

Old MacDonalds Rural Education and Care Centre

Working with clients who have a vision, passion and want to create a facility which has significant community benefits is one of the most satisfying things of being a consultant planner. Helping their vision become a reality is what we do. This rural education facility has recently been approved, non-notified and is due to be open late 2015.


Hamilton Hounds

The difficulty with some projects is fitting them into a box that has been created by a definition in the District Plan. My favourite challenge so far has been working with Hamilton Hounds to establish a ‘day care and spa for discerning dogs.’ With clever comparisons and an assessment that focuses on the effects of the activity rather than the activity itself, we successfully obtained Resource Consent and Hamilton Hounds are now fully operational at 12 Grasslands Place.


Waikato Farmers' Market

You’d be forgiven for thinking that an event like a farmers’ market could operate as of right from a major facility such as the Te Rapa racecourse. Not so. Resource Consent was required to be obtained from Hamilton City Council as the markets fell outside the definition of ‘temporary event’. With some succinct but effective management plans proposed, Resource Consent was obtained – so you can still get your favourite whitebait fritters and free range eggs, just in the much improved location of the Te Rapa racecourse.


Expansion of existing site

Sometimes buildings just don’t meet the needs of the organisation anymore, as is the case for Hukanui Bible Church.  Working with an award winning architectural team – a much wanted and needed expansion and renovation project is in the pipeline.


Hair of the Dog Sculpture

Sometimes projects you might think would require a resource consent – actually don’t.  We provided the planning advice for this project which in the end didn’t require a resource consent.

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